#358. CHANDELIER, porcelain, leather, gold glaze

#293. FLOOR LIGHT, porcelain, leather, gold glaze


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bundle light.jpg


bundle detail2.web.jpg

bundle detail.jpg

bundle light detail.web.jpg






The task of gathering branches and bundling them together is a common utilitarian practice with so many applications mastered by countless generations. Humans are not the only gatherers of twigs and beaches.  Most species of birds and other mammals such as the beaver are also masters of this practice and their constructions are often breathtaking. The functional randomness of these woody constructs are transposed into a sculptural lighting piece made out of porcelain clay. Each branch is tipped on both ends with a flame of gold glaze as if the inner workings of these white branches were bleeding golden sap. The glowing bundle is bound tight with raw animal hide to synch all the free elements together. Each piece is truly unique in its volume and application.