#1. RESIST, concrete, lead, copper 2017

#2. SIDE BY SIDE, concrete, lead 2017

#3. NORTH EAST #1, concrete, gold leaf, lead, video 2016

#4. MORE SPACE BETWEEN, concrete, lead 2016

#5. 2 COLUMNS, concrete, steel. 2013

#6. SPACE BETWEEN, concrete, lead 2015

#7. BLACK COLUMN, concrete, steel. 2011

#8. WHITE COLUMN, concrete, blackened bronze. 2014

#9. BROKEN LADDER, concrete. 2010

#10. JAGGED COLUMN #1, concrete, steel. 2012

#11. JAGGED COLUMN #2, concrete, steel 2012

#12. FOUR CORNERS, concrete, steel. 2012




The symbolism of these monoliths is operant as is the simplicity in shape. These principles are gingerly gleaned from the iconic form of contemporary architecture and structural engineering. The proportions of their shape are crucial to the integrity and esthetic yet the walls of each side provide the canvas for each piece’s story to unfold. Even the top, which may be too high to see, is an opportunity.