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traditions #2.web.jpg


freedom #2.web.jpg


patriotism #2.web.jpg


beliefs #2.web.jpg


labor #2.web.jpg


distinctions #2.jpg


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#1. SECURITY, silver gelatin print

#2. TRADITIONS, silver gelatin print

#3. FREEDOM, silver gelatin print

#4. PATRIOTISM, silver gelatin print

#5. BELIEFS, silver gelatin print

#6. LABOR, silver gelatin print

#7. DISTINCTIONS, silver gelatin print

#8. PRODUCTION, silver gelatin print






Human societies have always established guiding principles in which their society was to live by. Whether these cornerstones were beneficial to all members of that society is a valid debate, which is as alive today as 5000 years ago. These images respond to the darker realities of those principles and practices that sometimes are so sacred and untouchable that they receive little contemplation or scrutiny. The full impacts of these principles are not limited to the human community but must include the natural environment, with all it’s life forms and natural systems, by which we all rely on. Birds have historically been effective powerful messengers of story and teachings for all varieties of cultures plus I have a personal passion for the study avifauna so I was compelled to use birds as the subjects to represent an honest interpretation of the darker side of our social cornerstones. Please note that not one single bird was killed for this project. The truth is that all were found dead along roadsides and collected over a number of years. During the time of this project the proper permits to salvage and collect were current. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns. The images are intended to be haunting and conger up emotions pertaining to realities within our human constructs.