#566. CHAIR, blackened steel

#564. BENCH, blackened steel

#565. CONSOLE, weathered steel

#528. COCKTAIL TABLE, blackened steel

#455. COCKTAIL TABLE, blackened steel

#353. BENCH, blacekend steel, leather

#294. CHAIR. blackened steel, silk, leather

The progression and pattern of my creative exploration continues to give recognition to tried and true historical building techniques. Incorporating the elegant Mortis and tennon joinery techniques used for many generations by woodworkers and builders were my goal in this collection. The simplicity, functionality and beauty retain its relevance even today amongst the modern advances in structural engineering, and material design. The collection applies these beautiful techniques to 1” thick steel plates, which weight 42 pounds each square foot. Each plate is precisely cut so that they will slip together without much force or manipulation and once the sections are positioned together gravity will lock the sections in place. Nothing more than that.