plate leg console w- shelf mortis-tenon#570.web


plate leg console34.web.jpg


floor mirror #511.web


corten console inside123.web.jpg


console with drawers101.web.jpg


bronze console #350.jpg


plate leg table340.web.jpg


penetrated concrete plank table175.web.jpg


dark concrete top coffee table237.web.jpg


dark top w- nickel base112.web.jpg


plate leg #391.web.jpg


plate leg walnut, mirrored stainless.web.jpg

form cast concrete plank coffee table300.web.jpg


plank bench257.web.jpg




#570. CONSOLE W/ SHELF, blackened steel

#34. CONSOLE, concrete, blackened steel

#511. FLOOR MIRROR, blackened steel

#123. CONSOLE, weathered corten steel

#101. CONSOLE w/ DRAWERS, concrete, blackened steel

#350. CONSOLE, blackened bronze

#340. DESK, blackened steel

#175. DINING TABLE, concrete, mirrored stainless steel

#237. COFFEE TABLE, concrete, blackened steel

#112. COFFEE TABLE, concrete, mirrored stainless steel

#391. COFFEE TABLE, walnut, mirrored stainless steel

#300. COFFEE TABLE, concrete, mirrored stainless steel

#257. BENCH, cypress, blackened steel

Having absolutely no background or experience with furniture design I began the journey in 2004 with this original collection by generating a list of descriptive words to use as guiding principles. I was searching for words that would resonate with my point of view, and life experience.  Words such as dynamic energy, organic elements, and clean intentional lines. The challenge was to pare down the design variables to their simplest and purest expression while simultaneously creating dynamic energy. The specific material pallet was not yet decided and the obvious use of wood to some was not so obvious to me. Concrete on the other hand was a material that I had been working with for a few years and had experienced its creative potential. Concrete also fit into the language I was looking for so it was a natural place to start. The opportunity next was to find the right pairing for it. Steel sculpture and its use in architectural applications had always generated an emotional response, so simply stated I now had my pallet. The resulting synthesis of these heavy “industrial” almost raw materials expresses an aesthetic that encapsulates my vision. My choice to use concrete as the top (horizontal) and steel as the base (vertical) created a dynamic energy because their engineered qualities of extension and compaction were being ignored. The illusion is effective and bold.