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#1. TRANSITION #1, weathered corten steel, concrete

#2. TRANSITION #2, weathered corten steel, concrete

#3. TRANSITION #3, weathered corten steel

A fundamental law of nature is that all biotic and abiotic material exists in a wondrous, chaotic, continuous flux between the present and the next moment. At a certain scale change can be observed though most of Life’s movements happen too slowly for our senses to notice, or for us to live long enough to witness. Our beautiful human lives are just too short. The oxidation of metal happens on the atomic scale with its constant loss of electrons, but the shift does happen quickly enough for us to witness and ponder. As the steel sculpture’s atoms continually shift from the neutral state to positively charged ions, producing the visible rusting that we can participate with, so to are these puzzle panels of steel in a continual transition that will out last our brief time.