Blending Nature, Art and Time

Originally exploring his ideas from a studio on Shelter Island New York, and then later in Brooklyn, he more recently has moved back to Vermont to live and create. For a good part of those nineteen years, Eric has been immersed in formulating and fabricating his ideas and experimenting with a disciplined yet varied assortment of what he calls “noble” materials to create unique heirloom objects.  

The list of ingredients has expanded and morphed over the years to include repurposed century old timbers, patina’d sheets of steel, mirrored stainless steel and bronze, molten aluminum, raku fired ceramic and porcelain, concrete, stone, and animal hide. Eric is keenly aware that all of his works are about highlighting the richness of tones and textures embedded in this pallet of earth sourced materials.

A Master’s Degree in the natural sciences, and integrated life passion for wild environs, while moved by the Japanese ethos of process and wabi-sabi, combine to articulate the organic modernist, sometimes seen as brutalist, approach he takes in the formation of his works. From concept and process into form and realization and then patina, “nature - art - time". Eric celebrates the beauty of imperfection, and encourages time-marinating created during the aging process. Unrefined surfaces contained within percipient proportions, merged with a mastery understanding of bio-centric processes, accurately describe his path and practice.

The angular weight of his sculptural monoliths, and signature designs, have been notably inspired by the spire architecture that dominate urban horizons of this geological epoch labeled as the Anthropocean. But for him, nature is the true force in the end, so all works are envisioned knowing that the reclamation forces of nature, in time, are guaranteed.

Eric’s works have been celebrated in both private and public spaces and collections since the early Ots. He is very grateful for the opportunity to have an audience for his ideas. Where the focus has always been utmost on inspiration, process, and creation. As well as the personal challenge, and the resulting inner warmth it generates. Eric is always moved that his works provide a curiosity, joy and delight for others.